Evaluation of 888 Poker

888 Poker is one of the oldest and most prominent online poker rooms in the world. It began operations in 2002 under the name Pacific Poker and has since changed its identity. They are, in point of fact, firmly established in second position in terms of size and popularity, after the behemoth that is known as Pokerstars.
This is fascinating due to the fact that their recent cashgame traffic only accounts for 10% of Pokerstars’ total traffic. Because poker contributes such a small percentage (18%) to 888’s overall revenue, the current shortfall does not pose a significant challenge for the company.

888 is a brand that is owned by 888 Holding Public Limited, which is a corporation that is listed publically on the London Stock Exchange. In addition to this, they are subjected to third-party auditing by eCogra, which provides us with the assurance that the random number generator will perform as it should.
It would seem that the government of the United States was sufficiently pleased with their website to grant them permission to participate in the regulated markets of Delaware and New Jersey. All of these things are positives in terms of the company’s dependability, since a business that receives so much attention certainly has much too much to lose if it begins engaging in unethical or illegal behavior.

As is customary for us, we do not have any association with this poker site, and the review that is about to come will be a completely honest appraisal of what our thoughts really are. If we discover any problematic features of the site, you can be sure that we will call them out without hesitating.

The Available Games
When it comes to traditional poker games, 888’s selection of games does not truly measure up to the quality of those provided by its rivals. They do, however, provide some one-of-a-kind adaptations of these games, which might be a welcome change of pace for anybody who is becoming weary of the traditional activities. The following is a list of the poker games that can be played at 888.com.

No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Omaha Omaha Hi/Lo 7 Card Stud (NLHE OHH OHH LO 7 Card Stud)
The Seven Card Stud The Hi/Lo SNAP
Camera web
To Fold or to Push It’s a FLOPOMANIA
Competitions Played Across Several Tables
The poker games known as No Limit Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud HI/Lo are all considered to be classics. These games have been around for a very long time and can be found on almost any poker website. You can quickly get the guidelines for each by doing a search on Google or visiting the 888 website.

In this variant of No Limit Hold ‘Em, the player has the option to fold his hand immediately and go to a different table in order to begin a fresh hand without having to wait in any way. Only a few years ago, this exciting and fast-paced style was first introduced, and since then, it has rapidly spread across the business like wildfire.

Poker via webcam

In order to participate in games at these unique poker tables, players are need to have a camera. We are excited to see this kind of innovation since it has the potential to boost the appeal of online poker in the long run and reduces the likelihood that bots will participate in the games. This feature is not available on a large majority of the other poker sites that we have looked at, including none of the more well-known ones.


This notion for a Sit & Go structure is perhaps one of the more intriguing ones that we have come across.
To begin, a random jackpot is tied to each and every Sit & Go, and it is awarded to the player who finishes in first place. The Sit & Go format has been making waves in the poker industry over the last three or four years. There is a clock that is ticking down to zero in the corner of each table, and it is called the Blast Timer. This clock is the distinctive feature of 888’s version of the game.
The size of the jackpot determines how much time is initially available on the Blast Timer. When the clock strikes zero, all players are required to make an all-in, blind bet for the remainder of the event, which continues until a winner is determined. This makes the game a little bit more friendly to recreational players and reduces the advantage that bots and professionals will have in the standard turbo Sit & Go format.






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